Saturday, August 29, 2015

School is in full swing!

As we make our way across the Indian Ocean from South Africa to Madagascar school is in full swing. 

The start of our school year was a little different this year. Because of some issues with the ships propeller we had to stay in dry dock longer than expected. The families are not allowed onboard while she ship is in dry dock so we got to take school to them at the guest house they were staying at in Durban. As some of you already know I have one student this year. She is a lovely girl named Maya from Oklahoma. Maya and I had our first day of school in a nook under the stairs at the guest house. Maya pointed out that is goes with our camping theme for the year. We had our first two weeks of school at the guest house and then were allowed to return to the Academy once the ship went back in the water for our third week of school. We will begin our fourth week of school docked in Madagascar as we will sail in sometime tomorrow morning. We have had an interesting first few weeks of school. 

We are looking forward to the hospital opening soon as we have already been delayed about 3 weeks due to propeller issues. 

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

This is my student Maya with her family. Maya's dad will be our anesthesia supervisor. The Barkis just arrived onboard in August to begin their 2 year service with Mercy Ships. You can check out their blog at
Our first day of school under the stairs at the guest house. 

When it was too noisy in the house we finished our school day by the pool
 where we saw monkeys in the trees. 

Math Games
Leaving South Africa for Madagascar

 Miss Floor has to get creative with PE for Kindergarten and Grade 1 when there are strong winds outside due to the sail.

A look at our camping themed classroom:

 Lot's of pictures with scripture verses hanging from the ceiling. 

We got to have a Gingerbread Boy scavenger hunt with Kindergarten to help Maya learn her way around the ship. It took me a long time when I first arrived to not get lost every time I went somewhere. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who make it possible for me to be here and serve with Mercy Ships.

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