Sunday, May 3, 2015

2 for 2 Years

One of my favorite things about serving in the Africa Mercy Academy is teaching bible everyday. This week we were learning about Saul who later became Paul and his friends Aquilla and Pricilla. Because they were tent makers, I decided to have Charlotte and Xavier help me set up a tent in our classroom. We had bible class in a tent on Friday. They loved it and it was a great reminder to me of how much I love teaching here. 

We have 3 weeks of school left and many transitions coming up. Xavier, who has lived on the ship his whole life will be returning with his family to America to serve at the Mercy Ships International Operations Center in Texas. Charlotte and Xavier have been together as just the two of them for Kinder and Grade 1. Charlotte will remain onboard with her family another year. Please pray for Charlotte and Xavier as they prepare for the changes that are coming. They are both excited and nervous about the coming year. It has been so amazing to watch God work in their hearts this year. 

As Xavier and his family return to the states they will need to raise a larger amount of support to serve/volunteer in Texas versus Africa. If you would like to hear their story and consider partnering with them you can read their blog or donate here.

Thank you once again for those who make it possible for me to be here through your prayer and support! 

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