Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Just a Minute

I have spent the last few weeks reading some amazing books written by our 
kindergarten teacher Katie's dad-Dr. Wess Stafford. 

The first is Too Small to Ignore.

The next is Just a Minute.

Each of these books teach of the importance of affirmation in the life of a child. Tuesday-Thursday mornings our elementary students (K-5) have devotions all together. This morning it was my turn to lead. I wanted to incorporate what I had been learning from Katie's dad. I made a card for each student and had them sit in a circle and write a note for each child sitting with them. It was really incredible to see what came out of it. Here is an email I received from one of the teachers today.

"My class was SUPER touched by the devo this morning, especially by what the boys in their groups wrote. About two boys specifically they said--"I had no idea he thought that about me! He never says anything like that! I think I'm gonna cry!"

It was confirmation to me, once again, that kids really do need encouragement from their peers as well as adults around them. I was so grateful to have had the opportunity to facilitate this opportunity today. 

Charlotte also had a big smile as she received this in her group. 

It was so great to see the kids encourage each other. 

Just a little later I was reminded of other reasons I love this community. One friend dropped off some lovely Oreos. 

Just before the end of the day Charlotte's mom, Petra, little sister Olivia and brother Lucas surprised us and delivered Dutch coffee and snacks to our classroom. 

I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community. 

Thanks to those of you who make it possible for me to serve here! 

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