Saturday, November 8, 2014

Patient Selection Day and Life in Madagascar

On Monday, just 9 days after we sailed into Madagascar, we began our first patient selection day. Over 2,00 people lined up at the CHU Morafeno in Toamasina hoping that Mercy Ships could help them.
Some families traveled from over eight hours away. There were individuals who have experienced rejection from their communities. Lines stretched several city blocks long. The opening of the screening center in Toamasina marked the first time Mercy Ships would screen patients over several weeks in lieu of one massive screening day.

Although the screening center would be open the entire month of November in Toamasina approximately 1,200 individuals were pre-screened at the gate. Of those, about 200 qualified through the pre-screening process and went through the gate to be further evaluated by the screening team.
In the end 163 individuals received patient cards for follow-up appointments. The screening team at CHU Morafeno is screening for pediatric orthopedics, women’s health, plastic reconstructive, general surgeries, ophthalmic  and maxillo-facial surgeries.
It is so exciting to see how many people and families will be changed because of God's hope and healing coming through Mercy Ships. 

The Academy has not yet been a part of the screening process. We plan to take part in some through out the field service. Our students have faced many challenges and changes this year including being in 3 different countries in 12 weeks, really rough sails, change of country destination due to Ebola and many others. The last 2 weeks were the first "normal" school weeks we have had. We decided to give the students some stability and consistency for a while. =)  

 Here are some pictures from the screening last week. 

I sure miss seeing Cutler and Charley grow up, but I love teaching Charlotte and Xavier! 

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! I could not do this with out you! 

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