Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Swell Day" and Our First Malagasy Patient

We are sailing on in the Indian Ocean. So far we have travelled 1148 NM and have 1000 NM to go! We have had some really rough seas this go. Last night we had a 30 degree tilt at one point. It makes sleeping a bit difficult for all onboard. As a result of the rough seas today, we canceled school for the day. In Texas as a teacher I got "Snow Days", now on the Africa Mercy we get "Swell Days". I am really looking forward to arriving in Madagascar on Saturday! 

Tuesday we had a D.E.A.R. day in the Academy for the elementary students. It is a good idea to wear pjs and drop everything and read when we are rocking and rolling on the high seas. 

Our First Patient in Madagascar

Word of mouth got our advance team to meet up with Juliette, our first potential patient in Madagascar a few days ago! After a quick assessment, they gave her a follow-up appointment for early November. They watched as she treasured her patient card as she walked away – we look forward to seeing her and many others to come in November!

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