Saturday, September 28, 2013

Out of the way places..

I was reading in John 5:16 this morning "But Jesus often withdrew to lonely (desert-wilderness- desolate-out of the way) places and prayed." I live in a fairly small space with 450 other people in Africa. Those desolate places are a bit hard to find on the ship at times, but it can be done. No matter where you are though I think it is so important to remember what Jesus modeled for us! If the king of kings needed to withdraw to lonely places to talk to God how much more should we? It takes a lot of effort to withdraw and enter that sabbaths rest in God's presence, but man is it worth it! It is in that time that you can know God's heart, love, and strength. Also, what if desolate places means those times when we are feeling a little alone in a community of 450 people? God can use that time to strengthen us as we withdraw and have time with him. Just some thoughts for your Saturday.

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