Sunday, June 2, 2013

Goodbye to Guinea

The Africa Mercy crew invited to the People's Palace in Conakry for a thank you event Tuesday night. It was a fun evening complete with presentations from government officials to music and dance performances. The People’s Palace is where Mercy Ships held their large screening day in September; when thousands of people came from around the country. I was there in September to help with the screening day. It was really exciting going back to where I started to fall in love with the people and heart of Mercy Ships. It was that day that I saw people from around the world come together to serve those who were desperate for hope and healing that only Christ can bring.

Esther, Amy and I ready to climb on the buses to head to the People's Palace.

Many wore their best African dress! 

One of many entertainers at the Guinea thank you event. This was an all women's band.

We sailed away from Guinea yesterday, headed for the Canary Islands and then onto the Congo. There was a mix of emotions as we left the harbor. My tears began to flow when the ships all around us sounded their horn. In my mind it was the sound of the country saying “thanks be to God, for all he has done to bring hope and healing to the nation of Guinea.” My prayer is for the local church to continue to see fruit from the seeds that were sewn in the last 10 months we were in Guinea. I pray that as each patient who received hope and healing shares their story many will be drawn to Christ. 

Agnes and I waiting to wave goodbye as the ships prepares to sail. 

The entire crew went up on deck to say farewell to Guinea! 

We watched an amazing sunset off the bow last night as we sailed on. 

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