Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This is me waiting for a group of arrivals with one of the Gurkhas that guard the ship.
They are Nepalese Ex-Military. They take good care of us.  

I am loving my job on the Africa Mercy. How good is God to once again put me in a job that the gifting he has given me can be used to bless others. Before I arrived on the ship in March, my understanding was that I would be a cook until I began my job in the Academy as a 1st grade teacher in July. The day I arrived on the ship the hospitality manager asked if I would like to switch to her department. I was not sure what exactly it entailed but I said "Sure!"

As it turns out hospitality is a perfect fit for me! I love welcoming and connecting people, which is exactly what I get to do in hospitality. Because it has only been 1 month since I arrived on the ship I know how the new crew feel who have just began their time on the ship. It is very overwhelming at first. I am able to encourage them that it will get easier and I have many opportunities to introduce them to existing crew throughout their time here. This is also a great way for me to learn the ship and get to know many people before I begin in the academy. Can't believe I get to do this in Africa.

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  1. What a sweet thing for you to be able to bless people in hospitality! I feel like I'll proabably end every comment saying how excited I am for you!! -Melissa