Saturday, September 24, 2016

Benin/Academy Update

I can't believe I arrived back on the Africa Mercy in Durban, South Africa almost 2 months ago. In that time we have sailed to Cape Town, started school and then sailed to Benin, West Africa. Thankfully the sails were much smoother than some previous ones.
We arrived in Benin on August 18.

Sailing in to Cotonou, Benin

We learned about the history, culture and arts of Benin and made flags
with our elementary students to wave on arrival day. 

The arrival ceremony was very special! 

Our hard working Advance Team waving the ship in. 
Some teacher friends from Holland, Russia and America waiting to arrive in Benin.
Photo Credit: Wendy Fortune

My cabin-mates Stefi from Germany and Wendy from Texas/Wisconsin.
Photo Credit:Wendy Fortune

School is now in it's 8th week. I have tripled my class size this year including students from Georgia, Colorado and Brazil whose parents are deck officers, teachers, chaplains, finance directors and doctors. I have loved getting to be with them each day. They teach me so much about the heart of God.
We love to bake in Grade 1! 

My cabin mate Stefi is the rehab team leader. They needed kids to volunteer so that they could do a teaching on putting casts on patients. Grade 1 got to go and help the rehab team last week by letting them practice putting casts on. The students loved getting to experience what our patients do.

My students did a race using crutches and walkers as the patients do.  
My students with the rehab team including crew from all over the world and
local Beninese Day Crew that have been hired. 

Thanks so much to each of you who make it possible for me to serve as a Grade 1 teacher with Mercy  Ships. Your prayers, encouragement and financial support are essential to me thriving here.

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