Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dinner on the dock!

On Tuesday evening I sat doing something that has become one of my favorite things on the Africa Mercy. Most nights, if it is not raining, I go and collect my dinner from the dinning room and make my way down the gangway to the dock. I usually arrive just as the sun is starting to set. Some nights I go down alone with my bible and journal or a book and other nights it's dinner with a friend discussing what God is doing in and all around us. I love each of these times. I look up to a beautiful sunset. I look down in the water beneath me and see all kinds of amazing tropical fish, crabs sea urchins, jelly fish, sea snakes and other creatures. I am certain these pictures do not do it justice, but every time I sit there I am amazed at God's incredible creation. I am so thankful to be serving him in a place that allows me to see so many beautiful things that remind me of how awesome he is.

A cruise ship the Costa Romantica leaving 
our dock on Tuesday. 

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