Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Around The World

If you do something more than once it makes it a tradition, right? In Grade 1 I have a tradition of learning about Christmas Around the World with my class. Here are a few of our stops this year.

First we read the Polar Express and got our suitcases ready for our trip around the world. 
 Charlotte is from Holland so it was fun to learn about how 
Dutch people celebrate Sinterklaas.

We learned about Christmas in Mexico and even made pinatas! 

 We learned of Saint Lucia from Sweden 
who helped the early underground church. 

In China the Christians decorate with lanterns. 

In South Africa they have fun crackers at Christmas time. 
Popsicle stick nativity scene! 

By the end of the two weeks we had lots of
decorations for our classroom door!

Decorating our "gingerbread houses with a supplies from our ship shop that is waiting on containers that are stuck in customs is interesting. We found cough drops can make great decor! 

We ended our time with a Polar Express Day including pajamas, hot chocolate, reading the Polar Express and lots of yummy snacks.

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