Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer 2014

It has been quite a long time since I have blogged. Many times I feel it difficult to put into words the great, hard, wonderful, challenging things going on around me. The last few months have been very eventful.

In May I finished up my first year of teaching in the Africa Mercy Academy with these wonderful 1st graders.
Harry on Deck 7 where the kids have break time each day. 

My Texas buddy Caleb! 

Nathanael in our computer classroom.

Renier with his Polar Express Train

Sweet Gracie!

At the same time we were finishing up our school year we learned that Mercy Ships would not be returning to Guinea, West Africa because of the Ebola cases reported there. The ship then deployed our Advanced team (they get everything ready for the ship to come) to Benin. She ship has been there  4 times the most recent being in 2009. 

After a 14 day sail from Congo to the Canary Islands for ship yard. I headed home for summer to see friends and family whom I had missed dearly. I was able to spend 1 week in Madrid visiting my Spanish sister Maite who lived with my family and I as an exchange student in high school. It was great to be re united after so many years! 
Surprisingly as a Texan I had my first horse ride in Spain.
The funny thing too is that  our guide was from Senegal in Africa. 
Maite and I in here families' beautiful home! 

After spending a wonderful week in Madrid with Maite and her family with lots of rest, great food and catching up I headed to Texas.  

I got right back into the American culture by going to a Texas Rangers baseball game.


The highlight of my summer though was getting to take care of my nephew Cutler and Niece Charley for 8 days while my brother and his wife went on a 15 year anniversary trip. I loved every moment with them especially since I miss out on so much while I am away. 
Cutler was super excited to have a "special
dinner" which was breakfast for dinner.

Charley loves the park! 
We had a great time at the
Children's Museum!

Of course we did lots of swimming!

I also got to do a little more traveling to the lake and to North Carolina to see my friend April.

There's nothing better than a West Texas Sunset a the lake! 

Charley and I hanging out on the back porch at the lake. 

We did a little pool swimming at the lake too. =)

She found a great resting spot for her. 

April and I had a great time exploring Ashboro! 

July 31st it was time to head back to the Africa Mercy in order to prepare for school to start August 12th. It was a great, refreshing summer thanks to lots of family time and rest. I would have liked to have caught up with a few more friends but the time just goes so quickly. 

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