Saturday, August 23, 2014

Africa Mercy....Year 2

I have to start by saying that coming back for my second year on the ship has been sooooo much easier.  It makes a huge difference first of all coming back to a community where you have built deep relationships and have for the most part found your place in the community. Last year there were so many unknown at the beginning:

  • What will it be like to live in a small room with 3 other women?
  • What is teaching in the Africa Mercy Academy going to look like?
  • Who will my close friends be?
  • What small group should I be a part of?
  • How will people respond to this Texas girl? =)
  • What will my place in the community be? 
  • How do I find balance as an introvert living in a place where there are always lots of people around doing lots of fun things?
  • How do you live thousands of miles away from family, friends and many things that are familiar to you?
  • To be honest on a few days.."What in the world am I doing here?"
  • How do I build relationship here and keep in touch at home?
Some of these are still questions I don't know the answer to but many of them are a lot easier to answer now. A big part of what makes the 2nd year easier is the relationships I have established here. I have people that I trust and know are there for me! Here are pictures of just a few I am thankful for:
Dianna and I at the last beach worship night in Congo.
Katie, Remy and I enjoying some Cafe con Leche on the
boardwalk before we headed home for summer. 
I also have a wonderful new first grade class that I started the school year with on August 12th! One is from America and the other is from Holland! One set of parents serves as Chief Steward and Nursery Teacher. The other serves as Operating Room Supervisor and Primary caregiver. It's going to be a great year! 

Here is the link to their family blogs if you would like to see who I get to teach this year.

Blom Blog (This one is in Dutch.)

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