Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Take 1

They love to take silly pictures! 
Today some of the teachers and students from the Mercy Ships Academy were interviewed for a video that will be put together to show people what life in the academy is like.
The questions included things like:
What makes the Mercy Ships Academy one of the most unique schools in the world?
What do you want people to know about the Mercy Ships Academy?
What have you been surprised about by the Mercy Ships Academy?

Harry's interview with Josh and Mrs. Shelly. We were told we would have 15 minutes to
talk about the academy. Harry was sure that would not be long enough. =)
(Photo credit goes to Josh Callow)
As I was preparing for this interview it really got me thinking about how incredible it is to get to teach here on a ship off the coast of the Congo! I get to teach 4 different students from 4 different countries. Each of them is so special to me! Having a class full of boys has also been very unique. They keep me on my toes for sure. 

Not only do I have the privilege of teaching these boys things like mathematics and reading, but I also get to sew the word into them everyday. We learn about the character of God, we memorize scripture and we pray and worship together. I absolutely love it! They teach me something new everyday as well!

I also love the support I have all around me including my principal, fellow teachers, students and parents. Everyone is working together to make this a place where each child can thrive in what the Lord has for them.

March 22nd marked one year on the Africa Mercy for me. It has been a wild, amazing, hard, fun, growing, great year. I would not trade it for anything. I pray the next year will be even better.
Here are some recent pictures! Enjoy!
Doing a little math on our smart board.
Last Wednesday we got to take the entire elementary out to see the
International School of Pointe Noire's production of
The Three Little Pigs followed by ice cream at N'ice Cream! 

In February we had our own Academy Winter
Olympics even though it was 90 degrees. 

Last month we have an Italian Navy Ship right outside our class window! 
Here is the boys writing about it.

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