Saturday, March 16, 2013

Guinea Field Service Week 1

Taking a break from painting and hanging out with
the kids at the school for the deaf. 
We have been in Guinea for almost a week now. It has been really neat to see how the Lord is working. We hit the ground running and headed to begin painting our first day here. There is a school for the deaf right next to the land based Mercy Ships dental clinic. Mercy Ministries has already been connecting with the school on a weekly basis. Our team has been able to come in a strengthen the already established relationships by painting the classrooms at the school and talking with the children and teachers. It is a blessing to see the excitement of the kids as we work to paint not only the walls but also murals in each classroom.

Please continue to pray for our team. We have one more week of field service before we head to the ship. This week we will be going to a school and doing vacation bible school. We are looking forward to being with the kids.

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