Wednesday, March 27, 2013

AFM Hospitality!

My first Africa Mercy Hospitality Cake-Cinnamon Streusel 
When I arrived on the ship last Friday I was asked if I would like to switch from being a cook as planned to hospitality. With no thought at all I said "Sure!" This is what I will be doing until July when I switch over to the academy to prepare to teach 1st grade. I think hospitality is great fit for me! I will have the opportunity to greet and give tours to new arrivals to the ship. I am especially excited about being the first one to welcome new crew to the ship and help them feel at home. Having just arrived last Friday I know how overwhelming it can at first. We also bake goodies for guests and various meetings around the ship as well as clean guests and new crew cabins. It's a fun job with a lot of walking up and down stairs and hallways. I am quickly learning the ship, although I have heard several times the last 2 days."Shea, where are you going?" I still get turned around. Too bad GPS doesn't work on a ship! =)

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  1. Nice work on the cake!!! It looks Yum!
    You'll be a Great Hospitality Gal!