Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fire Fighting and Then on to Africa!

My on boarding group including our instructors and small group leaders! 

It’s hard to believe how quickly our 6 weeks of training in East Texas has gone. It has been an incredible time of growing in my relationship with the Lord as he is preparing me to serve in West Africa with Mercy Ships! It has been a challenging time, but also a very rewarding time. God has shown me so much about his unconditional love that does not depend on what I do or don’t do.

Our training has included kingdom principles, cross cultural dynamics and communication, worldview, and interpersonal development among others. It has been a time of learning more of the nature and character of God.  We will soon be living with 450 people from over 35 nations on a ship.  This will be such an incredible experience. As you can imagine there will also be challenges. Our training has given us some great skills that will help us thrive on the ship. We pray that much of what we have learned will be implemented in a way that men will see Jesus in the way we love and serve one another.  

For the last week of our training we completed Basic Safety Training. After 4 weeks of classroom lecture we were eager to go out and do some hands on exercise. These included fire/water safety and CPR/First Aid. 
Bunkers on and ready for our first day of Fire Safety.

Cowboy Church! (Chris, Gabriela, Esther, Catrice, Jeremiah and I)

Esther and I at the rodeo following Cowboy Church

My small group:
(Darrion, Agnes, Catrice,  Nikki, Esther and I)

Prayer time as we prepare for field service!
March 6th we will fly to Conakry, Guinea to begin 2.5 weeks of field service before heading to the Africa Mercy ship.  We will be conducting a Vacation Bible School for a local school as well as building a playground for the local community.

Please Pray For:

  • ·      God to prepare our hearts as well as those we are going to serve in Africa
  • ·      Health and protection for the team
  • ·     Strength as we will be working long, hot days to complete the playground

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