Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Life in the Day Of....

I was asked by my friend Lori to share what a typical day at Mercy Ships On Boarding looks like so here is is. =)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

6:00 am Rise and Shine Coffee and word time.

8:00 am More coffee and Class Begins-This week we are learning about Kingdom Principles with Dean Sherman-It's been some great information!

12:00 Break for Lunch here on campus

Mercy Ships water tower next to the cafeteria 

1:00-4:00 More coffee from the Anchorage cafe here on campus and class continues =) 

4:00 Time for a run with Esther after sitting in class on our bums all day. Esther and I have had some great chats as we run in beautiful East Texas! 

5:00pm Dinner on campus with class mates (I am loving the proper 5:00 dinner time) PS I am also learning all kinds of great British lingo! 

6:00pm Africa Field Training Meeting
March 6th -22nd Our team of 19 will be building a playground for a Christian School in a predominately Muslim neighborhood. We will also be doing a VBS there!  

8:00pm Birthday party got Gracie (age 6) who's family moved here for On Boarding from Colorado and will be serving here in Texas with Mercy Ships.  
 The group went in together and got Gracie a few things! We are already feeling like family!

We played a British game called Pass the Parcel. A gift was wrapped in multiple layers, was passed around the room and when the music stops the person holding the parcel opens a layer. Each layer contains a great laffy taffy type joke. It was great fun. I think the Folkers decided it will be a new family birthday tradition. 
 10:00pm Time for bed!

I really am loving it here and am grateful for the opportunity to get to know friends from around the world who have come to prepare to serve in Africa. Thanks for your prayers! 

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