Thursday, October 18, 2012

How it all began!

As a child my aunt and grandmother took me to church every Sunday. I accepted Christ at the age of 6 in children’s church. Around the time I was 12 I really started to dig into God’s word for myself. I saw God protect me through so many things during my teenage years. My desire to serve and please him continued to grow as my relationship with him deepened. When I was a senior in high school I met many foreign exchange students including one from Spain, Maite, who lived with my family and I. Several gave their lives to Christ and began attending church with me. It was during that time that God began to give me a heart for the nations. I had always loved working with children so I did not know exactly what it would look like to combine the two. I headed off to college and got a degree in Elementary Education during which time I was a part of two mission trips to Korea. At the end of my second year of teaching I felt the Lord calling me to campus ministry which included international student ministry. During those five years I was able to serve in campus ministry, children’s ministry and anything else that was needed at my small church. At the end of that time I felt like it was time to go back to teaching. I taught second grade at an extremely difficult public school for two years until God opened the door for me to go full time on my churches mission team. I missed the kids but was able to teach the 5th grade girls on Sunday’s.

I visited the Africa Mercy Academy one month ago and was immediately drawn to the school! I was very excited to visit Mercy Ships and see two passions of mine combined in one place at the Academy. 

Upon returning from Africa I continued to seek the Lord about serving with Mercy Ships. Four days after returning I was certain God was telling my to go join Mercy Ships. I believe that God is calling me to serve with Mercy Ships Academy because it is a place that the gifts he has placed in me, experience I have had and deep passions can be used to minister to children from around the world in the classroom. 

I am so excited about the journey ahead! 


  1. Shea, I'm so thrilled that God has called you for this journey! I look forward to reading about your experiences and will continue to keep you in my prayers!

  2. Thanks Aubs! I appreciate all the prayers! Thanks again for all the donations for my estate sale too!